About this Blog

There are two saying that I believe sum up the era in which we live:

“May you live in interesting times”
“Be careful what you wish for”

Some might say that we are both fortunate and unlucky enough to be experiencing both at the same time; that while we are indeed lucky to be living in an era of wonderful technical change, we are also unlucky in that ours is a time of dramatic and historic political, economic and social upheaval.

Many who take the ‘upheaval’ view believe that emerging technologies have led, or are at least contributing to, the turmoil in which we find ourselves (circa 2009). I will not debate the point as I believe that it is obvious that for every good there is at least the potential for evil. However, these technologies, all of them, are nothing more than tools. Just as a hammer can build a shelter, it can bludgeon. It is how we wield these tools that is good or evil, not the tools themselves.

HyperTense is about the wielding of the tools we are creating. It is about how we live with both the threats and benefits of these tools and how those threats and benefits impact our daily life, our society and the world. It is my hope that the perspective I offer will lend to greater understanding and constructive use of these tools and that these technologies will not only to continue to enable and enrich our lives, but allow us to strive for even greater accomplishment.

To be sure, I’ll cover other issues as well. The topics I will write about will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Interactive Marketing
  • Technology and the Web
  • Business
  • Entertainment (specifically film and TV)
  • Science (including nanotechnology and Space Exploration)
  • Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Product Design
  • Project Management

I also hope that you will make frequent comments and engage in the conversation. Blogging is about conversation and I welcome and look forward to both dissenting views and criticism so long as they are honest, considerate and not simple rants. I can also be found on Twitter @NealWiser.

Come and join the conversation.

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