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Create & Deploy Your Own QR Codes (Updated)

The Class

On November 10, 2011, I had the pleasure of presenting “Create & Deploy Your Own QR Codes” to a small class for the Center City Proprietor’s Association in Philadelphia. It was a really fun giving this presentation. If you’d like to see it, can download it from (for some reason, embedding isn’t working – sorry about that).

I may repeat this class in a few weeks as a webinar. Please let me know if you’re interested by commenting on this post.

Also, I added a QR Code Campaign Worksheet at the end of the presentation which should help you organize you campaigns when using QR Codes. If you have any questions about QR Codes, the presentation or the services I offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks to the CCPA, Audrey Julienne and the attendees.



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Create and Deploy Your Own QR Codes

Scan (or click) on this Code to Register

You’ve heard about them. You’ve seen them around. They’re popping up everywhere. QR Codes are the latest rage, but what are they? How do you create them? How do you use them? What are they good for? Join me on Thursday, November 10, 2011 (12:00 – 1:30 PM) at the law firm of Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen & Pokotilow, Ltd. (1635 Market Street, 7 Penn Center, 11th Floor, Philadelphia) and you’ll learn everything you need to know about QR Codes, including:

  • What are QR Codes?
  • History of QR Codes
  • QR Anatomy
  • Types of QR Codes
  • How to Make a QR Code
  • How to Read a QR Code
  • How to Use QR Codes
  • Measuring Success
  • Examples & Best Practices
  • How NOT to use
  • Security Risks
  • The Future

So, come join me. It’ll be a great time.

Click here to register (or scan the QR Code in this post).

See you there!

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My Presentation to Villanova University’s MBA Class

Neal Wiser Presenting to Villanova MBA Class

On Monday, April 4th, I was invited to present to the marketing MBA class at Villanova University’s School of Business. The presentation entitled “Social Media and Marketing” included the following topics:

  • Defining Social Media
  • The Structure of Social Media
  • The State of Social Media
  • Why Social Media is Important for Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Media for Marketers (Monitor, Manage Measure)
  • Where are we Going?

If you would like to see my presentation or would like me to present to your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact me through any of the channels listed here.

Following my presentation, Professor Dr. Ralf Terlutter, Vice Dean of the School of Management and Economics at the University of Klagenfurt in Austria, gave an enlightening presentation about advertising in Europe. Dr. Terlutter’s presentation included an analysis of various, long running print campaigns and an analysis demonstrating how the advertisements both succeeded and failed.

After their presentations, Dr. Aronte Bennett, Ph.D. of Villanova’s Department of Marketing and Business Law presented both Dr. Terlutter and myself with plaques commemorating our presentations to the class.

Professor Dr. Ralf Terlutter, Dr. Aronte Bennett, ODM’s Neal Wiser and Villanova Alumni Carmine Berardi

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I’m Here, I’m There, I’m Everywhere!

Apologies to Dr, Seuss, and to you, my readers, but sometimes you just get so busy that you forget you haven’t updated your blog in far too long (yeah, I know, Bad Neal). So here’s a quick rundown of some things I’ve done recently and some things that are on their way.

Understanding Twitter, Presented to the Center City Proprietors Association

On February 17, I gave a lecture to members of the Center City Proprietors Association called Understanding Twitter. It was a really fun event and I’d like to thank the CCPA for inviting me to present, everyone who attended (you were a great audience) and the law firm of Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen & Pokotilow for hosting the event. I’ll be posting the PowerPoint deck shortly, but here are some pictures.

That's me!

Upcoming Speaking Events

Over the next few months, I’ll be presenting at several events. Some of them are listed below, but several others are still in the planning stages, so stay tuned. Details will be announced shortly. I hope to see you there.

  • April 20: Center for Architecture Spring Seminar Series
  • TBD: Social Media 101: How to use Social Media for Fun & Profit
  • TBD: JobCamp: Using Social Media to Find a New Job
  • TBD: PhillyTweetUp: We coming back with a new format and locations.

A2SM Interview: Podcast #9: Chris Heuer, Founder of the Social Media Club

On February 19 Seth Goldstein and I interviewed Chris Heuer, Founder of the Social Media Club for our Addicted to Social Media Podcast Series. Since starting SMC about 3 years ago, the club has spread to over 100 cities around the world. Learn about what’s going on with the Social Media Club and what Chris’s plans are for the future. Click here to listen.

Also in this podcast:

  • Neal Presented “Understanding Twitter” to Philadelphia’s Center City Proprietor’s Association
  • PR nightmare: How fat is too fat for Southwest Airlines (ask Kevin Smith)?
  • Schools spying on your kids via their Webcams
  • Seth’s Pick of the Week: Google Buzz
  • My Pick of the Week: Yoono

Talking About SaveNASA

On February 3, I was a special guest on the Talking Space Podcast discussing President Obama’s budget proposal for NASA and its implications for the future of American human spaceflight. You can listen to the podcast here. If it sounds a bit choppy, that’s because the conversation was cut from over 2 hours to about one. Sorry about that.

The Talking Space crew also discussed my SaveNASA movement back on November 29, 2009. You can listen to that podcast here (Jump to the 19 minute mark to hear them discuss SaveNASA).
And Finally…

Read my post about Facebook’s Nefarious Plot to Destroy Email Forever! (and Own YOU in the Process) originally posted on Addicted to Social Media back on January 20.


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Happy Students

I recently launched a Social Network for Temple Beth Am of Abington, PA. The site is designed to increase interaction among the members of a large congregation (almost one thousand families), help coordinate group activities, events and committees, and generally improve communications among the congregation’s membership.

On Tuesday, January 5th, I held the first of what will be regularly scheduled orientation sessions; essentially Ning 101 classes. It was a fun time and I just wanted to share a picture of some of the happy attendees.

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A2SM Podcast 6 Now Live, “Privacy? What Privacy?”

Hi friends, Podcast number 6 is now live on In this podcast:
-I presented at NSA Social Media Lab.
-Facebook’s so-called “Privacy Changes.”
-Google’s Real-Time Search.
-Our Picks of the Week.

You can find it here:

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